RANK Enterprises

RANK Enterprises is a consulting firm with expertise in the following areas:

Design of high strain rate systems

    Ballistic Armor
    Body Armor
    Armor for vehicles
    Reactive Armor
    Aircraft Armor & Safety Enclosures for Airplane Auxiliary Turbine

    Explosion resistant structures and enclosures for:
    Chemical Reactors
    Security enclosures
    Guard stations

    Analysis of Ballistic and Explosive Phenomena
    Terminal ballistics and High Velocity Impact
    Shock Wave analysis

    Security Consulting
    Design, implementation and supervision of comprehensive security systems
    Hand Gun reviews

High stress machine parts

    Design of:
    Heavy Automotive Suspension Parts
    Earth Moving Machinery Parts

    Failure Mode
    Finite Elements Analysis

U.S. Mailing Address:

7301 Gentle Valley St.
Las Vegas, NV 89149


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